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Sunday, May 23rd, 2021 @ 6 pm

As a lover of Jesus, you have been appointed to a mountain of culture as an influencer, a peacemaker, a servant, an authority. Each of you have been created to uniquely express the character and will of God upon the earth. You are parents, teachers, caregivers, tradespeople, first responders and more; you each have different ways of worshiping the Lord in daily life.

In addition, there are nations from all across the world represented in this community of faith- we want to celebrate you and your culture as we raise a global voice with our Katy prayers.


You have access to Heaven, and you're invited to pray intentionally for PEACE and VICTORY over your area of influence. This is a beautiful corporate gathering to believe for God's Spirit to be poured out as we pray with the nations for the nations to know Christ.

the 7 mountains 

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Which one of these mountains do you have influence over? Are you willing to walk with the Lord up the mountain, to break the enemy’s stronghold and declare the peace and victory of Jesus Christ? 

God has a wealth of new ideas, inventions and expressions that He wants to release into the mountains of culture through those who will partner with Him. Our mandate is to express the Father's heart of love throughout every area of culture for the liberation of our global community.

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